Geopolitical Passport

On Christmas Eve, I become the 100th contributor to the Geopolitical Passport interview series on the website Exploring Geopolitics, hosted by geographer Leonhardt van Efferink.

Quoting from Exploring Geopolitics:
“The ‘Geopolitical Passport’ Series offers visitors to ExploringGeopolitics a unique opportunity to find out more about the enormous variety of views within the geopolitical traditions. The floor has been given to scholars from several countries and various disciplines, giving the Series an intense and rich intellectual flavour. […] The questions address issues all people with an interest in geopolitics grapple with. How should we define it? What are the most fascinating geopolitical ideas? And how will the geopolitical future look like?”

Personally, it was a nice opportunity to reflect and clarify my thoughts on my geopolitical training just before starting my new job.

Here is the text of the interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed preparing it.

Sara Fregonese: Urban Geopolitics, Hybrid Sovereignty, international diplomacy.



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